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Stew Leonard's (Newington, CT)

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New Construction

Location: Newington, CT

Project Specifications:

  • Total Square Footage: 120,000
  • Construction Budget: $24,000,000

Aurora Contractors is proud to have been the Construction Manager for the newest Stew Leonard’s store, in Newington, Connecticut.

Stew Leonard’s is a one-of-a-kind supermarket chain, dubbed the world’s largest dairy store. This $24,000,000 project, which began in August 2006, was challenging in that it required renovating an existing Caldor that had structural problems. Special structural engineers had to be brought onboard to assess and rectify the existing structure to house all of the elaborate barn décor, animatronic robotic animal shows to entertain children and refrigeration and bakery equipment that makes Stew Leonard’s the “Disneyland of Dairy Stores.”

During the estimating and construction phases of the project Aurora was able to provide numerous opportunities to develop innovative approaches to achieve the design intent and reinforce a stronger team commitment to the project objectives.

In order to build a more earth-friendly store, the Owner chose to use a more environmentally friendly glycol mixture for the refrigeration, as well as the heating and cooling systems. In order to make customers more comfortable in the refrigerated sections of the store, a glycol in-slab floor heating system was installed in those sections and the main entrance.

 Another unique aspect of this project is the independent support structure for the animation platforms, falsework and fake canopies, which line the perimeter of the prep areas. This support structure was necessary as no additional weight could be hung off the existing roof structure.

Aurora has also constructed wine stores for Stew Leonard’s, the latest in Clifton, New Jersey and Paramus, New Jersey. Each wine shop is approximately 10,000 SF, with wood flooring, wood walls and a custom floating wood egg crate ceiling system that provides high-intensity track lighting throughout the sales floor. The wood theme continues with all of the display shelving and finally the “Wood Room”, where all of the highest quality wines are stored. The Wood Room is a cedar room, with controlled temperature and humidity.

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