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2014 - ENR "Top 400 Contractors"
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New Construction

Architect: Rosenbaum Design Group

Location: Islip, NY

Project Specifications:

  • Total Square Footage: 420,000
  • Construction Budget: $56,000,000

Aurora Contractors, Inc. was selected by Sysco to act as the Design/Build Contractor for their new Islip warehouse facility. Sysco is the nation’s largest food service distributor, and this building will serve as a distribution center for Long Island and the metro area. The facility is 420,000 SF and includes a freezer, cooler, dry warehouse, and corporate offices. The freezer and coolers utilize ammonia refrigeration, radiant heat, and dry sprinkler systems. The facility also has a state of the art hydrogen fueling station on site that includes two indoor refueling stations that will power all fork-lifts and pallet trucks on site; reducing the recharge time to 3 minutes. The facility also has a full service vehicle maintenance facility, fueling station, and truck wash which utilizes a very intricate reclamation system. The flooring in the freezer, cooler and dry storage is a super flat polished concrete floor that is designed to allow 30 feet of racking as well as withstand the harsh abuse of constant pallet truck and forklift use.

The facility has a 20,000 SF ice cream storage area that is kept at -20 degrees. There are high-speed doors located in the freezer and cooler areas that open and close in 1.5 seconds, allowing minimal thermal breaks at these thresholds. There is also a complete building wide back-up generator system that is tied into all mechanical systems so the building would be 100% operational and self sufficient if the building were to lose power. This project features an Integrated Loading Dock System that incorporates the overhead door, dock leveler and truck lock to create the safest dock system possible.

Prior to starting construction on the project, Aurora had to demolish the existing Waldbaums distribution center and perform extensive site work, which took place in 2010.

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