2016 - ENR "New York Top Contractor"
#14 - New York Based
#1 - Long Island Based

2014 - ENR "Top 400 Contractors"
#3 - Nassau & Suffolk Counties

2014 - ENR "Top 400 Contractors"
#14 - New York City & Long Island

2014 - ENR "Top 400 Contractors"
#340 - Nationally

2013 - ENR "Top 400 Contractors"
#4 - Nassau & Suffolk Counties

2013 - ENR "Top 400 Contractors"
#21 - New York City & Long Island

2013 - ENR "Top 400 Contractors"
#385 - Nationally

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Aurora Contractors, Inc. Corporate Headquarters

As Aurora’s business grew, there was a need for more office space than our original location could accommodate. In 2003, Aurora acquired property, located at 100 Raynor Avenue, Ronkonkoma, New York, and designed and built its current corporate headquarters, with modern, abstract design elements throughout the interior.

Our present location, complete with a state-of-the-art conference room, employee gymnasium and the latest in communications, estimating and project management software, was built to not only meet our current office space requirement, but to also have the ability to accommodate our future expansion needs.

Aurora’s new headquarters is easily accessible via the Long Island Expressway, Veterans Highway and the Long Island Rail Road, and is 5 minutes away from MacArthur Airport.

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