2016 - ENR "New York Top Contractor"
#14 - New York Based
#1 - Long Island Based

2014 - ENR "Top 400 Contractors"
#3 - Nassau & Suffolk Counties

2014 - ENR "Top 400 Contractors"
#14 - New York City & Long Island

2014 - ENR "Top 400 Contractors"
#340 - Nationally

2013 - ENR "Top 400 Contractors"
#4 - Nassau & Suffolk Counties

2013 - ENR "Top 400 Contractors"
#21 - New York City & Long Island

2013 - ENR "Top 400 Contractors"
#385 - Nationally

Claim Prevention, Claims Assistance & Dispute Resolution

Aurora Contractors, Inc. offers a wide range of claims prevention and risk management techniques. Our personnel have years of experience in all aspects of construction, making them uniquely qualified to assist our clients in recognizing potential claim areas, as well as allowing them to present, examine and defend claims when necessary.

Aurora can also provide the following claims analysis:

  • Damage Determination - No matter the type of claim, Aurora’s expert staff can assess the claim, aid in the preparation of corroborative documentation, and gauge liability, accountability and entitlement.
  • Project Delay Evaluation - Project delays can have a huge impact on a project, with far-reaching consequences. Aurora’s scheduling and claims professionals not only have the ability to aid in the evaluation and/or preparation of project delay, they can also provide a thorough report of the cost of such a delay.
  • Schedule Acceleration Visualization - Every construction professional is aware that schedule acceleration brings with it a host of issues – costs, methods, the time actually obtained versus the original schedule. Aurora’s scheduling professionals are available to assist with the evaluation and preparation.

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