2016 - ENR "New York Top Contractor"
#14 - New York Based
#1 - Long Island Based

2014 - ENR "Top 400 Contractors"
#3 - Nassau & Suffolk Counties

2014 - ENR "Top 400 Contractors"
#14 - New York City & Long Island

2014 - ENR "Top 400 Contractors"
#340 - Nationally

2013 - ENR "Top 400 Contractors"
#4 - Nassau & Suffolk Counties

2013 - ENR "Top 400 Contractors"
#21 - New York City & Long Island

2013 - ENR "Top 400 Contractors"
#385 - Nationally

Estimating and Purchasing

Aurora’s Estimating and Purchasing Department performs all of our Lump Sum bidding; Subcontract, Materials and Equipment Purchasing; and is an integral part of Aurora’s Construction Management, Pre-Construction and Value Engineering services.

Further information on each of the services provided by Aurora’s Estimating and Purchasing Department can be found below:

Preconstruction Phase of Construction Management Services

A project’s success is determined during the planning stage. Years of experience have demonstrated that preplanning is the key to cost and time savings, as well as to the solution of complex construction issues.

Several of the key aspects of the Preconstruction Phase are:

  • Project organization meetings with all team members, including the Owner, architects and engineers, setting goals and confirming roles and responsibilities of all involved;
  • Participating in design review meetings;
  • Developing a logical and objective phasing plan and milestone dates for both design and construction;
  • Early mobilization for site preparation and development of infrastructure;
  • Anticipating and coordinating document review and approval with proper local government agencies. Assisting the Owner in expediting the permitting processes;
  • Working with the Owner to understand their needs and how the final project result will meet those needs; developing a realistic schedule for turning over areas of the project prior to 100% completion to expedite the use of the new facility;
  • Acting as a proactive member of the design team and serving as the Owner’s advocate in monitoring scope, program adherence, budget, and schedules;
  • Anticipating problems and difficulties and seeking solutions that work in the Owner’s favor; and
  • Working closely with the design consultants, providing input and design insight necessary to perform value engineering studies and recommendations.

Value Engineering

The value engineering process examines and quantifies the areas where significant contributions can be made to reduce cost, speed construction and enhance a project’s value. Aurora does not view value engineering as a process to eliminate scope, but rather as an opportunity to develop innovative approaches to achieve the design intent. Value engineering is successful because of the abilities, experience and expertise our technical services support staff brings to the process throughout the Preconstruction Phase. Aurora’s knowledge of the marketplace and sensitivity to our clients’ needs and wishes are taken into account when developing value engineering items.

Our value engineering group includes professionals in the mechanical, electrical, communications, structural and architectural disciplines, as well as cost estimators, scheduling professionals and logistics planners. These professionals work as an essential part of the Aurora project team.

Supported by state-of-the-art computer systems and programs, they provide such services as:

  • Detailed analysis of the project’s programming requirements, including existing conditions, trade schedules and target budget;
  • Accurate cost estimating, which depends on having experienced professionals who know building construction and the contracting business;
  • Utilizing various computer-based systems to assist in quickly and accurately performing tasks;
  • Estimates - comprehensive quantity takeoffs, including detailed cost items by trade and alternatives that provide a basis for cost control throughout all phases of the project; and
  • Value Engineering – a thorough evaluation of construction alternatives to identify possible project enhancements, as well as possible cost reductions.

Lump Sum Bidding

Competitive bidding for building construction and site development projects is undertaken by Aurora’s Estimating Department on a continual basis.

Successful competitive bidding provides a consistent source of contracts for construction services and demands the Estimating Department remain updated on current pricing, means, methods and the latest advances in construction and information technology.


Aurora’s Estimating and Purchasing Department also provides centralized purchasing in coordination with the Owner/Management and our own Project Management team. This practice assures all project team members have input in the many variables that make up a subcontract purchase.

Criteria for subcontract awards are based upon pricing and which subcontractor is best suited for the particular project. Additionally, it is Aurora’s policy not to award too many subcontracts in a particular trade to the same subcontractor.

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