2016 - ENR "New York Top Contractor"
#14 - New York Based
#1 - Long Island Based

2014 - ENR "Top 400 Contractors"
#3 - Nassau & Suffolk Counties

2014 - ENR "Top 400 Contractors"
#14 - New York City & Long Island

2014 - ENR "Top 400 Contractors"
#340 - Nationally

2013 - ENR "Top 400 Contractors"
#4 - Nassau & Suffolk Counties

2013 - ENR "Top 400 Contractors"
#21 - New York City & Long Island

2013 - ENR "Top 400 Contractors"
#385 - Nationally

Litigation Support & Expert Services

No matter how diligent a company may be in its performance, there are occasions where an issue leads to arbitration, litigation or mediation. When this happens, Aurora Contractors is available to provide litigation support and expert reporting and testimony.

Construction claims generally involve technical and difficult issues. As the claim approaches the litigation or mediation phase, expert personnel become an essential part of the process.

Aurora’s team of accomplished professionals is adept at working with attorneys to establish a course of action and aid in the decision-making process for dispute litigation. Our professionals can also advise on construction and contract standards and assist with the discovery phase of a case, the preparation of interrogatory questions and the responses thereto.

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