New purpose for an abandoned psychiatric center.

120,000 square feet
New Construction
Queens, NY
  • Asbestos removal
  • Extensive exterior renovation
  • Interior gutting and rebuild
  • On existing campus
  • 3 non-profits tenants with customized buildout

The old Creedmoor Psychiatric Center had been abandoned for over 25 years. Not only had nature staked a claim on the property with vegetation infiltrating the building, but most of the infrastructure had failed or needed to be replaced, in addition to a $2 million asbestos problem.

Aurora Contractors stepped in to renovate and rehabilitate Building #74 and convert it into a four-story office space for not-for-profit organizations and individual studio apartments for over 150 transitional patients.

A near total gutting and renovation strategy included:

  • $2,000,000 of asbestos remediation completed in three-months that included abating wall plaster, pipe insulation, done within the strict state and federal standards
  • Extensive exterior renovation involving nearly the entire structure’s envelope
  • Salvaging original brick to reuse on porches, around windows, and other damaged areas
  • Windows replaced with high efficiency units and new cast stone sills
  • Removal of invasive vegetative growth on over 75% of the facade, and the third floor interior
  • Power washing with a waste water recovery system
  • Roof replacement with a 3-tab shingle roof system and 3-ply asphalt and cast stone copings
  • The existing Yankee gutter system repaired to working standards
  • Interior gutted and brought up to electric, mechanical, and plumbing code
  • Coordination with the local NYS power plant and protection of adjoining buildings’ MEP systems
  • New stairs and additional egress points added
  • New kitchens and supporting services to provide tenants a local source of food
Creedmoor Psychiatric Center - Exterior photo of Entrance
Creedmoor Psychiatric Center - Exterior photo of Ramp
Creedmoor Psychiatric Center - Exterior photo of entrance
Creedmoor Psychiatric Center - Interior photo of Dining