A perfect example of value engineering success.

85,000 square feet
New Construction
Holtsville, NY
  • Creative Phasing to mitigate design issues
  • 16 Stadium type theaters

Aurora Contractors was the General Contractor for the Cinema 16 Deluxe, a 16-theater multiplex motion picture showcase. This contemporary building was built of structural steel, masonry, synthetic stucco, aluminum, and glass.

  • Major design changes throughout construction, some just weeks prior to the grand opening
  • Exterior prefabricated into panels which could be erected in the winter without tenting or heating the building to ameliorate impact of design changes
  • Creative problem solving by Aurora was utilized to adjust the construction of the building into three separate phases to accommodate the lobby redesign
  • Most revenue-producing cinema in the National Amusements inventory of Multiplexes
Island 16 Cinemas - Exterior photo of Back Aerial
Island 16 Cinemas - Interior photo of Concessions
Island 16 Cinemas - Interior photo of Ticket Area
Island 16 Cinemas - Interior photo of Posters